Home » News » CLARIFICATION #2: ITB No: #13/2020/WSRN S-Barbados/GCF/CCCCC – Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 4.5 MW Solar photovoltaic generation and 2.0 MW MicroTurbine systems

CLARIFICATION #2: ITB No: #13/2020/WSRN S-Barbados/GCF/CCCCC – Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 4.5 MW Solar photovoltaic generation and 2.0 MW MicroTurbine systems

Invitation for Bids: “Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 4.5 MW Solar photovoltaic generation and 2.0 MW MicroTurbine systems and other Components for specified Barbados Water Authority Pumping Stations”: Ref: ICB No. Contract # 13/2020/WSRN S-Barbados/GCF/CCCCC: Response #2 to Additional Queries Raised We write with reference to paragraph 7.1 of the Instructions to Bidders (ITB) that addresses the subject of ‘Clarification of Bidding Documents’. In accordance with paragraph 7.1 of the ITB, a Bidder requiring any clarification of the Bidding Document shall contact the Centre (the Employer) in writing or raise enquiries during the pre-Bid meeting. The Centre / Employer shall: (i) respond in writing, provided the clarification is requested prior to the deadline for clarification and (ii) forward its response to all potential bidders who acquired the Bidding Document. The Centre / Employer is also required to include in the response a description of the inquiry without identifying its source. The additional queries received to date and Centre’s responses are as follows:
Query #5: Is a complete geotechnical study mandatory or are pull out tests sufficient to elaborate the physical parameters for structure design? Answer #5: A complete geotechnical study, applicable to LOTS ONE (1), TWO (2) and THREE (3) ONLY, is mandatory.
Query #6: About Bid Security: There are 3 methods provided in the bidding documents. Can we choose any one of them as our bid guarantee? In addition, the calculation method of the bid guarantee amount is not specified in the bidding documents, please be clear. Answer #6: Please note Section II – Bid Data Sheet, ITB 20.1, which supersedes any details in the Section I – Instructions to Bidders. A Bid Security shall not be required. Only a Bid-Securing Declaration shall be required. The template for the Bid Securing Declaration is included in Section IV – Bidding Forms.
Query #7: About the fence project: Please advise whether fence is to be installed by the selected Bidder(s) for the solar photovoltaic facility area, in accordance with the scope as indicated on the conceptual drawings. Answer #7: Yes, the selected Bidder(s) would be expected to enclose the area in which the solar PV facilities for LOTS ONE (1) and TWO (2) ONLY are installed, as defined in the conceptual drawings.
Query #8: About the Microturbine system: Is the installation location of the Microturbine specified? Has the location of the gas supply pipeline been determined? If so, please specify. Answer #8: This applies to LOT FOUR (4) ONLY. The expected location of installation is at Belle Pumping Station outside of and adjacent to the main pumping house. The Beneficiary (Barbados Water Authority) will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements with the National Petroleum Company (NPC) to ensure that the gas supply pipeline reaches the property line at the Belle Pumping Station. The selected Bidder will then be responsible for the connection of the gas supply from the boundary line to the point of connection on the Microturbine facility.
Query #9: For the certification of key personnel mentioned in the bidding documents, are other professional certifications, equivalent to PMP, ACCA, PE, etc. acceptable? Answer #9: This applies to Bidders’ Project Teams for ANY or ALL OF THE FOUR (4) LOTS. Equivalent certification to that specified in Section III – Evaluation and Qualification Criteria may be acceptable. Bidders must provide supporting information as necessary, to establish that any alternative certifications are equivalent, including information on the certifying body.
Query #10: Should the power supply cable from the photovoltaic power station to the main power distribution room of the pumping station be include the bidder’s price? If yes, please state the distance? Answer #10: This applies to LOTS ONE (1), TWO (2) and THREE (3) ONLY. The power cable must be included in Bidders’ price. The exact lengths would be dependent on Bidders’ design. Estimations can be made from the conceptual drawings provided as part of the Bidding Documents. Alternatively, Bidders can make such estimation during site visit or by using mapping software such as Google Earth. Peruse the official: For more information, see The deadline for submission of Bids is Tuesday, March 31st 2020 at 10:00 AM (Barbados Time which is GMT-4).

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