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Regional Clearinghouse

The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre’s (CCCCC) Regional Clearinghouse Database is the region’s premier repository of information and data on climate change specific to the region. This dedicated climate change resource was first explored over a decade ago during the course of the Caribbean Planning for Adaptation to Climate Change (CPACC) project (1997 to 2001), but the current iteration was spurred by a CDB project grant (2010) for a new CCCCC website and information portal focused on gathering, disseminating and exchanging information and data on climate change.  

The Clearinghouse has grown steadily since its launch in 2010, from a few dozen documents to over 3,475 as of January 2013. The rapid expansion of the database will continue as the Centre adds an average of 250 documents per month, including books, videos, national/regional strategy documents, project reports, studies and scholarly articles, among others. The expansion of the database is complemented by broad use of the facility by target audiences from across the region and internationally— namely the press, the public, project teams, consultants, experts, researchers, students, focal points, governments and partner organizations. This wide usage is evidenced by average monthly downloads of 8, 500 documents between December 2012 and February 2013.

Accessing the Clearinghouse

The Regional Clearinghouse Database is accessible via our website using theDatabase tab on the main page.  You may browse the resource by countries or by specific topics. It also features a Deep Search sub-tab via the web client for metadata and full text searching, which will yield deeper analysis of the content available. Users may also download and install our compatible desktop client as detailed in the installation manual. Click here for (mobile) web access to the database and choose “M-Files User” (Username: “guest” Password: “guest” then select “Clearinghouse Mechanism”).

Researcher and Collaborator Access to the Database

We offer special access to a broader range of material and data to international and regional researchers and collaborators. To utilize the extended access service, please contact us and provide your affiliation and an overview of your project.

Contribute to the Database

If you have information, data or documents regarding climate change in the Caribbean, we encourage you to contact us.

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