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Private Sector Engagement, Investment and Funding in The Bahamas

The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre and the Ministry of Environment and Housing, The Bahamas, is hosting a virtual ‘Private Sector Engagement, Investment and Funding in the Bahamas’ training with funding from the Green Climate Fund Bahamas Readiness Support II on November 10 – 12, 2020. 

The Government of The Bahamas’ continues to strengthen its capacity to further engage with the Green Climate Fund. Private-sector development remains a high priority for The Bahamas, and is part of the government’s latest policy document, Vision 2040: The National Development Plan for The Bahamas. In this document, the government notes the urgent need for economic change and to achieve more public-private synergies. To assist in driving the much-needed reform, readiness resources will be used to engage and mobilise the local private sector through three distinct phases: Phase 1 – The Diagnosis/ Barrier Analysis; Phase 2 – The National Conversation i.e., convening a Public-Private Dialogue Forum; and Phase 3 – Elaboration of a clear plan to accelerate climate action through strengthened partnership and capacity building to design and implement transformative projects.  

The Public-Private Dialogue Forum is aimed at unlocking the private sector’s potential to contribute to green growth in The Bahamas. Specifically, the forum will:  

  1. Reflect on the role, relevance, and interest of private sector entities in various areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation financing.  
  2. Recognise the contributions of private sector actors to green growth in The Bahamas  
  3. Raise awareness among private sector actors on GCF procedures and opportunities, including the Private Sector Facility.  
  4. Endorse the roadmap/action plan for strengthening public-private partnerships in driving climate action in The Bahamas

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