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Partnership Against COVID-19

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Commission, in the delivery of its development mandate within the Eastern Caribbean, remains resolute in its pursuit to create an enabling environment in which citizens across the Eastern Caribbean can thrive, do business, play, raise families and win! The current onslaught of the novel Corona Virus, which was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in March this year, threatens the very existence of this enabling environment.  To date, although the virus is not comparatively wide-spread when viewing global figures, the collective preventative measures taken by the various governments in response to the current threats posed to the Region resulted in the following:

  • Closure of sea and airports which adversely affects the movement of goods, people and enterprise
  • Closure and / or reduction in operating hours of the business community
  • Wide-spread layoffs and unemployment
  • Loss in revenue and GDP
  • Closure of schools
  • Wide-spread fear resulting in panic buying and psychosocial disturbances

These adverse effects have already started to pose a grave danger to the economies of the Eastern Caribbean.  The OECS Commission has been quick in its response and to date has initiated and executed several initiatives, the outcome of which is channelled towards reducing the effect on the Region as a whole.  It is in this regard, that we are soliciting your assistance to improve the response to stemming the effect of COVID-19.

Peruse the COVID-19 Response Plan -OECS_Private Sector_Partnership Deck outlining the current needs in the response effort and ways in which you can assist.  The request is urgent and we are grateful for an immediate response.

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