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5Cs Daily Tip: Plastic Recycling



In some CARICOM countries plastic bottles are reused to sell fresh juices, coconut oil and coconut water. How do you use your recycled bottles at home?  In Belize, Fashion Designer Joris Hendrik  uses garbage bags and plastic to show that there are creative ways to recycle. The outfits he made from plastic were all created to raise environmental awareness. To follow Joris on Instagram click here.

JH dress made from plastic.

JH dress made from plastic.


Recycling one ton of plastic saves:

  • 5,774 kWh energy
  • 16.3 barrels (685 gallons) of oil
  • 98 million Btu's of energy
  • 30 cubic yards of landfill space

Plastic Recycling Tips

  • Prepare plastic containers for recycling by ensuring first that they are either: 
    #1 (PETE): soda-pop bottles, cooking-oil bottles and peanut-butter jars
    #2 (HDPF): milk, water and juice bottles, bleach and detergent bottles, margarine tubs and some grocery sacks
    #3 (PVC): window cleaner bottles, cooking-oil containers and detergent powder containers
    #4 (LDPE): food packaging, shrink-wrap, carryout bags and heavy-duty bags
    #5 (PP): butter and margarine tubs, yogurt containers, screw-on caps and drinking straws
    #6 (PS): often incorrectly referred to as Foam cups or packing materials, a Dow Chemical brand trademark, the category includes cutlery and plates, foam coffee cups, egg cartons, meat trays and yogurt containers
    #7 (Other): squeezable syrup and condiment bottles and some microwave food trays
    These identification codes are often on the bottom of the plastic container encircled by three chasing arrows.
  • Remove plastic tops from the plastic containers being recycled and rinse containers with water.
  • Crushing containers will help save space while storing them.

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