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Break Free From Fossil Fuels

The largest global moment of civil disobedience in the history of the environmental movement begins today in the UK. This is the beginning of a wave of peaceful direct actions across six continents, lasting for 12 days, targeting the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects.

Hundreds draw red line to block the UK’s largest open cast coal mine

Hundreds draw red line to block the UK’s largest open cast coal mine

Tomorrow thousands of people in Batangas, the Philippines will march onto the site of a proposed coal plant and over the next two weeks actions will unfold in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey and the United States — a giant wave unlike anything this movement has tried before.

You can follow each action live, as well as see all of the highlights of this unprecedented moment at

The scale of these actions is important; the world has never faced an injustice as great as climate change. And we must scale up our response to match the urgency of this crisis.

Break Free actions are being led by thousands of extraordinary people; each with their own stories, united by conviction and brought together by action. As actions unfold around the world these people will share stories of things they never imagined they’d do; taking steps that none of us should have to take, but do.

Over the course of Break Free, many participants will discover something in themselves they didn’t know they had; they will emerge from these actions empowered to help grow a bolder climate movement around the world. Above all there will be stories of hope.

Follow the action live and help spread these stories of hope worldwide.

There has never been a better moment to break free from the fossil fuel industry. From collapsing prices and bankruptcies, massive divestments, and an ever-growing movement calling for change. The industry is at its weakest moment in generations – perhaps ever.

We are close to a historic, global shift in our energy system. The way we get there is by action that confronts those who are profiting from climate change and takes power back for the people.

Over the next 12 days that is exactly what people will be doing. Watch the action and find out how you can support at

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