Home » News » Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic : The Caribbean’s first Carbon Neutral Town

Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic : The Caribbean’s first Carbon Neutral Town

A meeting was conducted where professionals and residents of the highland town joined forces to make Jarabacoa a pollution-free community was hosted by the Fernando Arturo de Meriño Agroforestry at Pinar Dorado Hotel University.

In light of the agreement reached at the recent summit in France, 195 countries aimed to fight global warming to keep it “well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels.”

This initiative is being adopted throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and begun in Jarabacoa, where meeting aimed to issue a document to  join “wills” and identify the sources of environmental pollution, deforestation, soil degradation and loss of water resources and greenhouse gas emissions.

In an emailed document, the UAFAM said the document signatories would pledge to work to analyze the needs to mitigate and adapt to climate change to protect the municipality’s productive ac

Take a dunk on the wild side. Jarabacoa white water rafting.


“Faced with the challenge of climate change we need to make a commitment to cooperative action according to our abilities, skills and agree to carry out activities to make Jarabacoa the Caribbean’s first pollution free, sustainable, resilient and adapted to climate change,” said UAFAM Climate Change Dept. director Jose Antonio Nuñez.

The environmentalist added that ecosystem degradation and altered weather patterns “pose a clear risk” to the planet’s population.

Credit: Dominican Today

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