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Students and Minister Visit the CCCCC

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Students of Compassion Primary School in Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk District, Belize visited the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) on Friday, November 20.

The teaching team that accompanied the students were elated, noting: “It is never too early to learn about climate change and that is why we wanted the children to visit the Centre on Children’s Day.” The students were eager to learn about how Climate Change is affecting their country, as well as the the mitigation work being undertaken by the Centre. They were further animated by the presence of Mr Omar Figueroa, Minister of State with responsibility for Environment, Sustainable development and Climate Change, who encouraged them to continue to show strong interest in climate change concerns and get involved with schools-based projects.

Carlos Fuller, the Regional Liaison Officer at the  Centre, introduced the students to a wide-ranging of climate change concepts and the broader regional and international processes leading up to COP21. This prompted new considerations about careers and volunteer work among the students.

The presentation also included a feature video about the ozone, which explores some of the the causes of global warming and Keya’s story (the lead character), a short documentary about flooding and the resilience of a village, and a slew of inter-active games that allowed the participants to demonstrate their knowledge and learn new climate smart practices..

“It is always a pleasure when children visit the Centre because of their interest in Climate Change and the environment. We are all stewards of the environment especially children and every small action counts when it comes to saving our planet”, said Ms. Lopez, Ag. Document Management Officer for the Centre.

“Parents, teachers and students took part in the activity and were passionate about it because they see climate change as a personal and collective concern” said Jose Sanchez, Communications Specialist for the Centre.

During a guided tour of the facility, the Ministry said, “it is very exciting to see the type of innovative projects that the Centre is involved with and empowering our Belizeans to work in an environmentally conscious manner. It will help us in the future to mitigate the effects of climate change.”

He is slated to deliver an address on behalf of Belize in Paris at COP21 in December.

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