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Revealing the Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto

 Society is only now grasping the full extent to which our lives, jobs and environment are sensitive to a changing climate. Effective decision making will be needed in many areas if we are to build a climate resilient future.

“Each stakeholder has different needs and we need to understand this and tailor to their needs,” says Ann Gordon, the National Coordinator in the National Climate Change office in the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development (Belize).

So begins the “Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto”, a milestone publication and call for joint action to meet the massive climate knowledge challenges ahead in the post-Paris world. On September 17th, the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group (CKB) officially presented the Manifesto at an event in London and online (a recording of the event will be published a few days after).

You can download the Manifesto here, and also start reading below. Additionally, the Manifesto , a short 8-page-overview and a printer-friendly version has  been collected on a special Manifesto Resources page. Should you be interested in raising awareness about the Manifesto, feel free to use and distribute the material that we have prepared.

The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto was developed in a collaborative process with the vision of a world in which people make climate sensitive decisions fully informed by the best available climate knowledge.

Dr Ulric Trotz, Deputy Director of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) commented, “When you look at the sectorial level, tourism, agriculture, health, there are a whole set of mid-level sort of administrators who have also responsibility of making decisions of how they go about their everyday duties. The challenge here first of all is a public education and outreach that gets them to understand that they need to use climate information in any of their planning activities.”

It explains that users of climate-related knowledge require access to information that is tailored to a myriad of specific circumstances, and the essential role climate knowledge brokers play in delivering this. It is only through collaboration that climate knowledge brokers will meet this complexity of user needs effectively.

There are two opportunities for engaging:

  • A donors meeting to discuss coherent, strategic funding of climate knowledge brokering activities (to be held later this year) – if you are interested in learning more about this please contact the Chair of the CKB Group, Geoff Barnard from CDKN (
  •  A webinar and knowledge sharing clinic for collaboration-minded climate knowledge brokers to participate with in CKB (online, details to be announced on the CKB website http://www.climateknowledgenet and the CKB newsletter, for which you can sign up at

A Manifesto section was also created on the CKB web site, where events are published at which the Manifesto will be featured, success stories of climate knowledge brokering activities and select full-length interviews from the Manifesto development process. A video recording of the launch event will be available on the ODI website soon.

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