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Climate Education Week Nears – 18th – 25th April, 2015

The Climate Education Week Toolkit is now available! It is a free, easy-to-use, ready-to-go resource with everything you need raise awareness and boost knowledge about climate change. The Toolkit includes a week’s worth of lesson plans, activities, and contests for K-12 students that meet Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core (a curriculum in the United States). Each day covers a different theme related to climate change with two highlighted activities handpicked by Earth Day Network for your use.

This cross-disciplinary resource has a range of activities from an energy conservation action plan to reading and discussing Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, with the goal being to educate and engage your students on climate change.

As we prepare to celebrate Climate Education Week, we invite you to also peruse the 1.5˚C Stay Alive – An Education Initiative, which was specifically developed for the Caribbean. The four unit curriculum (The Warming Climate, Sea Level Rise, Pine Forest and Social Impacts of Global Warming), includes classroom face to face interaction, field trips, workbooks and varied assessments, has a total of 46 wide-ranging lessons with supporting resources and several videos.

The 1.5 Stay Alive Curriculum Units

Credit: Climate Education Week

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