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Climate Policy Initiative

Here’s a round-up of activities by the Climate Policy Initiative that are useful in the leap up to COP.

Interactive Report & Webinar: Moving to a Low-Carbon Economy Could Free up Trillions

Some worry that a switch away from fossil fuels could have a significant cost to the global economy and undermine the financial system. New research conducted by CPI for the New Climate Economy project demonstrates that with the right policies, a transition to a low-carbon energy system could free up trillions of dollars over the next 20 years to invest in better economic growth.

Read the interactive report HERE.

Join the webinar on November 21st to learn how moving to a low-carbon economy can free up trillions.

New Animated Video: New Models for a Low-Carbon Electricity System

New finance and business models for a low-carbon electricity system in the U.S. and Europe can save consumers, investors, and taxpayers billions. To create a clean and low-cost electricity system at scale, each of the main business segments of the existing electricity industry will need to evolve.

Watch the video:

Webinar: First Peek at the Global Landscape of Climate Finance 2014

The Global Landscape of Climate Finance is the most comprehensive overview of global climate finance flows available. It has been cited widely and served as the basis for the 2014 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group 3 report chapter on climate finance.

Join the webinar November 20th to be the first to hear details from the latest assessment.


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