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Climate Services Partnership Early Career Professional Network Hosts Virtual Meet & Greet

The Climate Services Partnership Early Career Professional Network (ECPN) held its first virtual Meet and Greet on July 16. The CSP ECPN offers networking and professional development opportunities for early career professionals in the field of climate services. The group is a unique platform for members to develop professional and social networks and share ideas, advice, and experiences.

The virtual exchange featured two members of the ECPN community, including Selly-Ann Cox of 5Cs’ sister institution, Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH). Ms Cox discussed the proposed Caribbean Climate Impacts Database (CID), an inventory of impacts occurring as a result of climate variability and impacts caused by hydro-meteorological hazards. The database will also include planning and response mechanisms used in the DRM sector. The CID is envisaged to be a product that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of sustainable planning, adaptation, and mitigation in the Caribbean and support regional growth resilient to climate risks.

The second presentation was done by Marisol  Osman, Center for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (CIMA) /CONICET-UBA, who discussed her work on current levels of predictive skill in South America, the associated predictive limitations, and the impacts of ENSO on predictability and skill.

Peruse the recorded webinar. 

CSP ECPN activities include:

  • Virtual Meet and Greet sessions: These 30 minute webinar sessions provide members with a space to present their work and constructively discuss with peers from throughout the CSP ECPN community.
  • A LinkedIn group page: This aspect of the network provides a virtual space for ongoing conversation, network announcements, and planning. Learn more about who’s who in the CSP ECPN, meet new faces, and keep in touch with established connections. To engage with the ESPN community online please visit.
  • Conference meet-ups: As it represents an international community with members from all over the world, the CSP ECPN encourages its members to meet in person when possible, often at conferences, workshops, etc. Announcements and planning for these meet-ups will take place via the group’s LinkedIn space.

 For further information, please contact Allyza Lustig at

 Credit: The Climate Services Partnership

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