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Climate Change Youth Forum underway in Guyana this week

Vybzing Youth Forum Promo Produced by the CCCCC

A team from the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre will be in Guyana this week to facilitate a three day (May 21-23) youth forum under the theme Community Resilience to Climate Change. The “Youth Voices for Climate Change Forum”, which was developed by the Centre, is a side event during the Caribbean Development Bank’s 44th Annual Board of Governor’s Meeting.

The Forum is intended to sensitise Guyanese youth between the ages of 16 and 29 about the threats posed by climate change and climate variability and enable them to structure responses that are in tandem with priority actions endorsed by Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community.

The team from the 5Cs, which includes Sharon Lindo, policy officer, and Tyrone Hall, communications specialist, will use a blend of visioning exercises, ranking techniques, interactive knowledge-building exercises (music and games) and parliamentary-style debating to engage the participants and move them towards meaningful and sustained action. This range of activities will culminate in the preparation of a participatory community-based project and the first Youth Statement on Climate Change in the region, which will serve as the basis for a Caribbean Youth Declaration on Climate Change with emphasis on the post-2015 climate change agenda.

Content of Forum  

  • understanding the basics of climate change (introduction to the concepts and terminology)
  • providing examples of climate change impacts on and vulnerability of individuals and communities in the Caribbean Region (re: thematic areas e.g., waste, water, energy, health etc.)
  • illustrating practical climate change adaptation and responses/actions for communities in according with the regional priority areas  – e.g.  Voices for Climate Change (Jamaica)
  • providing an introduction to project management
  • brainstorming for an innovative youth-led community-based project through a visioning exercise. Projects will be community-focused,  participatory, and address the needs of both women and men
  • charging the participants to begin the groundwork for a Youth Declaration on Climate Change and the post-2015 agenda

Participate in the forum by commenting on this post or via #ClimateVybz on twitter.

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