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Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)

Credit: CCCCC/EU-GCCA Caribbean Support Project

Credit: CCCCC/EU-GCCA Caribbean Support Project

Effective climate monitoring improves climate adaptation planning. The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) is working to improve climate monitoring mechanisms in the Caribbean. Under the European Union Global Climate Change Alliance (EU-GCCA) Caribbean Support Project, the Centre has procured and installed more than 50 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) procured and installed in 16 Caribbean Forum countries at a cost of approximately US$1, 000, 000.

The stations will expand coverage for climate data collection in the Caribbean by forming part of an integrated  network of climate monitoring stations in the region.

 The integrated network will:

  •  Enable collection of hydrological and meteorological data on climate parameters used mainly by national meteorological and hydrological services to support weather forecasting and related services
  •  Provide data for climate modelling scientists to conduct research into and support the region's climate modelling programme

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