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Climate Change Impacts Rural Livelihood, says ESRF Policy Brief

The Economic and Social Research Foundation’s policy brief on livelihood and climate change is now available. The document, which is based on field work in Rural Tanzania, says climate change is threatening many lives and is expected to have a more significant impact on the livelihoods of the rural poor in developing countries.  This is a notion supported by the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which says climate change is likely to have a significant effect on agricultural production in many African  countries, a view that also holds true for the Caribbean.

ESRF Policy Brief Highlights:
  • Both farmers and livestock keeping communities know the causes and signs of climate change.
  • Both crop farming and livestock keeping have been negatively affected by climate changes.
  • Over time there has been an increase in the frequency of extreme events, such as drought and flooding which reduced soil fertility and yields from crop production and livestock products.
  • Climatic changes have resulted in socio-economic challenges, namely the spread of diseases like malaria in areas where they did not exist before, reduced income from land and changes in gender roles.
  • Coping strategies vary by social groups, where both farming and pastoralist communities diversify their economic activities by doing both agriculture and animal keeping, inter-cropping or switched to other income generating activities.

Read the ESRF Policy Brief here.

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    Dear. Climate change
    Thanks for raising this issue of Climate Change and rural livelihood. It is an issue in which I have great interest. I have already posted a few comments

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