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Applications Open for International Conference on Environment Management, Energy, Water Resources & Flood Control

Credit: CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food

Credit: CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food

The London-based group Renewable Energy Experts is now accepting proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, or colloquies for the “International Conference on Environment management, Energy, Water resources and flood control” to be held on 18th to 23rd December, 2013.

Virtual participation is available for those who are unable to attend the conference in person.

Environmental pollution is practiced world-wide and displays an increasing trend both in developed and developing countries. In order to provide a steady and sustainable development, organic management systems should address environmental issues that gain increasing importance as the trade becomes more globalized.

Renewable Energy is not only a new trend in Modern Society, but it is a necessity to fulfill all the basic principles during implementation and consider the impact of organic management system at farm, regional or global level. We are targeting to bring together a large number of experts and participants for the conference.

The effect of Climate Change on social and economic stability of nations will also be discussed.

  •  Why organic agriculture, for advanced quality and safety of food, to save our environment and our old planet, or to increase welfare of all the actors?
  •  How can organic food and non-food production cope with the increasing environmental problems at regional, national or world level?
  •  How does Climate Change affect economic growth?
  •  How do we foster the use of renewable energy?
  •  Does current marketing of organic products address environmental concerns more than the conventional?
  •  Role of guarantee systems
  •  Rising sea level and impacts on our regular way of life
  •  Water pollution and water resources management – reducing water borne diseases and erosion/flood control
  •  Which institutions will continue supporting and promoting Renewable Energy?
  •  Which countries will prefer to adopt policies to support and apply ecological methods?

Flood and Flood Control, Air Pollution and Public Health, Effects of air pollution on public health, Sources of air pollution, Air pollution monitoring and modeling, Air pollution prevention and control, Urban/indoor air pollution and control, Air quality measurement and management, Global Water Resources and air pollution, Renewable Energy Systems, Early warning systems for disaster management, Land and Mud Slides, Role of Science and Technology in climate mitigation, Biodiversity and Forest Management.

 Other topics related to water pollution:

Water Quality and Public Health: Purification of drinking-water supplies, Treatment, disposal and discharge of waste-water, New waste-water treatment technologies, Methods of monitoring water quality, Modeling and measuring of water pollution, New water purification technologies, Ground water pollution control, Water resources and quality assessment, Water resource protection and sustainable use, Hydro-biology and water pollution.

  • Proposal ideas that extend beyond these thematic areas must first be discussed with the conference secretary before being prepared. 
  • A number of Access Grant Award will be granted to Participating Delegates from developing countries attending the conference to cover per diem, flight ticket and registration fees.
 Important dates to note:
    12th November 2013, Deadline for abstract submission
    19th November 2013, Notification of acceptance
    6th December 2013, Deadline for full paper submission
    18th – 23rd December 2013 Conference dates

For more information about the ideas and themes underlying this conference, online registration, accommodation, access grant scholar award and venue, please email the conference secretary:

Conveners: Renewable Energy Experts:  45, Wimpole Street, West Central London, W1G 0EE, UK. Phone: +44 (703)195-2862, Fax: 07024034169.

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