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Caribbean Energy Experts in Germany for Goethe-Institut Visitors Programme

Credit: Google images

Credit: Google images

A delegation of Caribbean energy experts is in Germany for the Goethe-Institut Visitors Programme, a six day discussion dubbed “Energy, Climate and the Environment – Perspectives for the Future”.

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The delegation will discuss the challenges of ensuring a sustainable, continuous electricity supply in the Caribbean, and possible ways of achieving this; tour renewable energy production facilities; interface with experts who are integral to successful projects in the Caribbean, Germany and elsewhere; among other things.

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The Caribbean delegation:

  1. Dr Ulric Trotz, Deputy Director and Science Advisor at the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre;
  2. William Hinds, Chief Energy Conservation Office, Prime Minister’s Office, Barbados;
  3. Sally Anne Bagwhan-Logie, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Grenada;
  4. Ingrid Sarabo, Project Officer, Energy Unit, CARICOM Secretariat;
  5. Roger Chang, Director, Jamaica Solar Energy Association;
  6. Dr. Alwin Hales, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, Jamaica;
  7. Dr. Ruth Hyacinth Potopsingh, Associate Vice President-Sustainable Energy, Caribbean Sustainable Energy and Innovation Institute (CSEII);
  8. Fitzroy Vidal, Principal Director of the Energy Division, Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Jamaica;
  9. Bentley Ashford Browne, Director, OECS Social & Sustainable Development Division;
  10. Oliver Melen, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago.

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