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CDKN’s Annual Report Features CCORAL

The United Kingdom-based Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) Annual Report is now available. The report features the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre’s development of CCORAL, a seminal online risk assessment tool, with support from both CDKN and UKaid.

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The report notes:

In only three years, CDKN has grown to become a programme spanning the globe and forging new partnerships among researchers, planners, knowledge brokers, and policy-makers. Today, we work globally, and in 74 countries, delivering real change through our research, policy advice to governments, and support for negotiators.

At the heart of our vision is ‘climate compatible development’: helping developing countries to mitigate and manage climate change, while simultaneously achieving their objectives of poverty reduction and human development. This is no easy task. The world economy will be transformed by climate change and by the measures taken to deal with it: poor countries and poor people already face many new vulnerabilities, but also new opportunities to innovate and grow.

CDKN has established itself as a leading global climate and development alliance. We provide:

  • a trusted global network of leading institutions and practitioners responding to developing countries’ needs
  • cutting-edge research that is focused on poverty, growth and climate change, and is applied directly to policy-making and development practice
  • a proven, scaled and flexible delivery system involving public-private partnership.

The Annual Report 2013 outlines CDKN’s core programmatic themes: climate compatible development policies and planning;  developing countries’ access to climate finance; strengthened resilience through disaster risk management; and support for climate negotiators from the least developed and most climate-vulnerable countries. Diverse and inspiring examples show how, through partnerships, our work is creating new opportunities and benefits for developing countries in all of these areas.

Download the CDKN Annual Report 2013

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