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Global Climate Change Summit in San Ignacio, Belize

The Africa Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Secretariat, in collaboration with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, hosted a global climate change summit in San Ignacio, Belize this week.

Today marks the end of the four day summit that included the inaugural Intra-African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) Programme Regional Technical Meeting (RTM, July 16-17) and the Second Programme Steering Committee Meeting (July 18 – 19).

The gathering sought to raise interest in this global programme; establish thematic working groups in order to enhance networking and communication and facilitate exchange of information and expertise within the GCCA Intra-ACP Programme.

The outcomes of the RTM drove discussions in the Second Programme Steering Committee meeting that examined programme implementation in the ACP regions among other issues.

“The adverse impacts of climate change are a major concern for the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of States. I believe the services provided by the GCCA Intra-ACP Programme will inspire those at the forefront of the fight against climate change for the benefit of the most vulnerable people across the regions and around the world,” said ACP Assistant Secretary-General, Dr. Achille Bassilekin III.

Technical Assistant to the ACP Secretariat, Dr. Pendro Maro said that ACP countries are facing serious impacts of climate change on lives and livelihoods.

“The two-day meeting will bring together experts and practitioners from across the ACP region and beyond, creating synergies and constructive interactions towards finding viable solutions to addressing climate change impacts in the regions,” she added.

The GCCA Intra-ACP Programme is a component of the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA), which specifically targets the ACP group of States, helping them to better tackle climate change as a challenge to their development.

It is funded by the European Commission and implemented by the Brussels-based ACP Secretariat. Learn more about the Caribbean component of the GCCA Intra-ACP Programme.

Coverage via CMC, Amandala, the Guardian,  Channel 5 and 7, Love TV & FM, and Plus TV

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