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5Cs to Boost Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment Competence in CARIFORUM Countries

New 5Cs logo (Best)The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) is hosting a regional training workshop focused on the process of conducting Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) studies in Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) countries this week (from May 29 to June 6) in the Dominican Republic.

The workshop is the second of a two part training programme that seeks to build resilience through VCAs and Climate Change Adaptation within and among the diversity and similarities of the CARIFORUM countries. The first part of the training programme was held in Suriname in April and targeted Southern Caribbean countries, while the second is aimed at Northern Caribbean states.

Program Manager Joe McGann says he anticipates over twenty participants, who will bring a wealth of experience from their respective countries and from previous participation in the many regional opportunities for sharing of lessons learned and opportunities for capacity building.

Vulnerability and Capacity Assessments

The CCCCC-coordinated training programme furthers efforts under the Caribbean component of the Intra-ACP Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) programme to mainstream and improve VCAs and implement a range of adaptation options and projects.

Under the Caribbean component of the European Union (EU) funded Intra-ACP GCCA initiative, vulnerability and risk assessment techniques and methodologies will be developed and people will be trained in the application of the new methodologies.  Subsequently, about 10 vulnerability assessments will be conducted in the field. This activity will be implemented in collaboration with the national government entities and private consultants and the outcomes of the assessments will inform future land use planning, zoning and development planning.

Also a number of risk and hazard assessments will be carried out and topographic maps indicating risk areas and levels will be produced.

Adaptation Projects

The development and implementation of concrete Adaptation Projects will be based on the experiences gained under the Special Pilot Adaptation to Climate Change (SPACC) Project in Saint Lucia, Dominica and Saint. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Following the identification and screening (feasibility studies, participatory consultations) of potential adaptation interventions, at least 2 adaptation projects will be funded and implemented under the GCCA Project.

According to the VCA Guidance Manual, the emphasis is on process as opposed to a recipe of steps for Mainstreaming. This is important as VCA and adaptation planning cannot be a “one size fits all” mechanism, but one of situation specific applications.

The VCA training sessions will focus on:

  • The types of information that should be gathered
  • How to manage relevant stakeholder processes
  • Some of the tools that can be used to analyze the information gathered
  • Useable products for decision making
  • How to organize data into a graphical map-based format (using GIS)
  • Identifying hotspots and priorities for adaptation strategies
  • Prioritizing capacity and vulnerability reduction needs.

The Guidance Manual also emphasizes that the most important components of the VCA are:

  • The social aspect and how people cope with events at present
  • Awareness and perception of risk
  • Assessments of a community’s strengths and weaknesses

Learn more about the Caribbean component of the EU-GCCA here.

Also see coverage in St. Lucia Voice, CMC and Jamaica Observer.

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