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Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change

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Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd, is a day on which events are organized globally to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the environment. It is a day when the world unites around environmental service and awareness, and as global citizens we are able to demonstrate our support for environmental protection. Earth Day provides us with a platform for discussion and public education.

The Caribbean faces an enormous amount of environmental challenges and it is important to move beyond the mindset that encouraging environmental awareness once per year is sufficient to combat the challenges faced by the region.   We must begin to make Earth Day every day in the Caribbean, by investing in green energy opportunities, funding environmental education programs and creating green and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related jobs for people of all ages. Global climate change, energy, food security, and water sustainability are highly critical and connected issues that are at the forefront of society’s grand challenges and international discussions between developed and developing countries. To ensure that our region is no longer neglected from these conversations, we need to advocate boldly for the sustainable future we want, by ensuring  that we actively continue to participate in global dialogue concerning these and other issues. It is also extremely critical that we commit to following up on the decisions made in these forums.

With the theme of Earth Day 2013 being, ‘The Face of Climate Change’, it is our duty to ensure that the voice of the Caribbean region is heard. “This campaign seeks to harness the power of Earth Day to personalize the massive challenge that climate change presents, while uniting people around the globe into a powerful call to action” (Earth Day Network). We therefore call on you to act. Tell someone about it, attend an Earth Day event, tweet or text about it. Spread the word that Earth Day is here and we are all responsible; everyone, everywhere, every day.

Around the Caribbean we have identified Earth Day activities planned for the Cayman Islands and Jamaica – please share any others.  Also please share any Caribbean ‘Face of Climate Change’ photos with us or by tagging them on Twitter and Instagram with #hill60bump so that they appear in our feed. A collection of these photos will also be shared via ‘Caribbean Climate’.

Source: HILL 60 BUMP. Writer:  Lesmarie Nicholson, LEED Green Associate.

See how we’re working to make the Caribbean more climate resilient by perusing The Implementation Plan for “Delivering transformational change 2011-21″.

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