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CCRIF’s 2013 Extra-Regional Scholarship Opens

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The Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) opened its 2013 Extra-Regional Scholarship application process this week. Through its Scholarship/Professional Development Programme of the wider CCRIF Technical Assistance (TA) Programme, CCRIF will provide a maximum of two scholarships annually for citizens of CARICOM member countries and/or CCRIF member countries who are desirous of pursuing a Masters or an MBA programme in one of the areas identified below which are not available at regional universities but which are available at universities in the United Kingdom, United States or Canada:

-(Catastrophe) Risk Management
-Property/Casualty Insurance
-Climate Change
-Other hazard/disaster related disciplines
-MBA programme with a major in risk management and/or insurance or a related field

The scholarships are valued at a maximum of US$40,000 each and are specifically for those applicants who would have gained admission to a Masters level programme or an MBA programme fitting the eligibility criteria above.

Last year, CCRIF provided two extra-regional scholarships to students to pursue a Masters in Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy at Columbia University in the United States of America and an MSc in Climate Change and Development at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

CCRIF’s TA Programme has been developed to help countries in the region deepen their understanding of natural hazards and catastrophe risk and the potential impacts of climate change. The scholarship component of the TA programme is designed to assist with the creation of a cadre of professionals who can play a key role in developing national and regional strategies that will lead to improved disaster risk management and increased climate change resilience.

Since 2010, CCRIF has awarded nineteen scholarships to students through its Extra-Regional Scholarship Programme, the University of the West Indies (UWI)-CCRIF scholarship programme and cooperation with member countries and regional organisations. Total disbursements to date are in excess of US$200,000.

For information on the scholarships and instructions on how to apply, applicants should visit the CCRIF extra-regional scholarship website at or send an email with their enquiry to

CCRIF 2013 Extra-Regional Scholarship Flyer
Source: CCRIF Press Release.

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